Last 3 to 5 June, representatives and experts on deafblindness from the nine member organisations (and also the Romanian non-official partner) met again with the purpose of working in the European Grundtvig project. This second meeting of the project took place at the Centre for Deafblindness and Hearing Loss (CDH), in the Danish town of Aalborg, where participants had also the opportunity to visit its premises.
This meeting has been celebrated seven months later than the first one held in Glasgow. On that occasion the tasks of the project were distributed among the participating organisations and were set up the working groups to develop the seven domains to be considered for the global assessment of deafblindness.

Therefore, the 21 participants to this second meeting have made a follow-up of the distributed tasks and the working groups have presented their conclusions and the most relevant indicators to be considered within each domain.
The next phase of the project consists on the development of a questionnaire with the questions concerning the relevant indicators within each domain, to be distributed among the expert organisations in the field of deafblindness of the different European states. The final goal of the project is the publication of a book with a comparative study of the status of deafblindness in whole Europe.
The meeting focused also in the next meeting to be held in Lille next August, on occasion of the 8th European Conference on Deafblindness, organised by Deafblind International (Dbl). Besides holding the third working meeting, in an act organised within the conference the project will be explained to the attendants and there will be the presentation of the final questionnaire.