Results of the project

  1. Final Report. Mapping Opportunities for Deafblind People Across Europe
  2. Final Report. Cartographie des opportunités pour les sourdaveugles
  3. Final Report. Evaluando oportunidades para las personas con sordoceguera
  4. Final Report.  Executive Summary (long version)
  5. Final Report. Executive Summary (short version)
  6. European Deafblind Indicators.
  7. Questionnaire on the European Deafblind Indicators
  8. Report of the consultation process with deafblind people and families
  9. Presentations at the Barcelona Conference
  10. Aetiology table
  11. Pictures of the Project

Advertising materials of the project

  1. Official logo of the project
  2. Poster. Make a noise about deafblindness across Europe
  3. Leaflet. Make a noise about deafblindness across Europe
  4. Roll-up. Make a noise about deafblindness across Europe
  5. Poster. European Conference in Barcelona

Sources and reference documents

  2. EUROSTAT Disability Statistics: collection of survey data on vision-related difficulties
  3. USA Deafblind Federal Census
  4. The European Deafblind NGOs and the strategy 2020. Leitmotif of the Project

ANED Documents

  1. D01 ANED 2009 Task 4 Preliminary Indicator Proposals report.
  2. D02 ANED 2009 Task 4 – Indicators feasibility study report
  3. D04 ANED 2008 Task 5 Monitoring UN Convention report final version

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