About us

This project of the European Deafblind Network (EdbN) aims to create a common European framework for the assessment of institutional models of care for the deafblind based on indicators created ex novo: the Indicators of Deafblindness Equality in Europe (IDbEE). Its importance lies in the certainty that great differences in the degree of attention exist between the various European States. The data collection through these indicators, including the various partial publications that have been issued by some organisations, should enable the detection of best practices on a European level and recommendations on the design of models of care in this field. These Deafblind Indicators are developped from the existing Indicators on Disability Equality in Europe (IDEE), made by the Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED).This Partnership seeks to bring together 14 of the most important organisations working for deafblindness in Europe; among the 13 participating European States (ES, UK, DK, FR, PT, RO, HU, HR, NL, LT, AT, FI and SK) are found almost all of the most advanced countries in the treatment for deafblindness worldwide