This new map shows the current situation of the EU countries already involved in the project. In this sense, the twelve countries highlighted in green correspond to the countries that have agreed to participate in the project, having as main task the completion of the questionnaire on the situation of deafblindness in their respective countries. They are Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Germany and Sweden, and even the non EU Member States Norway, Iceland, Turkey and Switzerland. More details about the involved organizations can be found in section Partners of this website.

Apart from these countries, the map also shows the official and non-official partner countries of the project. The eight countries from the official partners are highlighted in pink (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary), while the five non-official partners are highlighted in blue (Romania, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania and Croatia). These non-official partners are the ones that submitted the application form together with the previous ones, but were not finally granted. Even though, they retained their participation in the project.

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