On the 21st of February, the Catalan Association for Deafblind People (APSOCECAT) and the Danish Centre for Deafblindness and Hearing Loss (CDH) applied to the Comenius Regio Programme of the European Commission to finance a series of activities related to the investigations that are currently being conducted regarding the situation of deafblindness in Europe.

The proposal consists of the creation of a consortium between two European regions or municipalities (in this case, Barcelona and the Nordjylland Region in Denmark) to finance the expenses related to the organisation of a Congress at the European level, to be held in Barcelona in June or July of 2014, where the results from the current Grundtvig European project regarding the European Indicators on Deafblindness will be presented.

APSOCECAT and CDH also applied for resources to publish the book including the conclusions of this study. The project’s dissemination will be done through a website that will display all produced materials.

Specifically, this Comenius Regio consortium is made up of three prongs in each region: on the one hand, an Education Administration in each region (the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities of the City Council of Barcelona and the Department of Special Education of the Nordjylland Region, respectively); on the other hand, a school (Auxilia Special Education Centre Barcelona and the CDH School in Aalborg); and, lastly, an organisation related to the field of the project (APSOCECAT and the Danish Parents Association for People with Congenital Deafblindness). The final decision regarding the application will be made public next July.