There are 5 great mobilities encompassing all partners scheduled:

  • A kick-off meeting in October 2012 in Glasgow to create the working groups which will study the various fields of action. DONE.
  • An approval meeting in April 2013 in Aalborg (Denmark) to decide the indicators, the basis on which a data collection form will be designed. DONE in June in order to maximize participation.
  • A third meeting in August 2013, a day before the DbI European Conference on Deafblindness in Lille (France). It will be there when the questionnaire to be filled in by the national organizations will be presented.
  • A fourth meeting will be held in February 2012 in Lisbon to present and approve a comparative study of all of the data and the findings obtained. Change expected to the Netherlands as Portugal was not approved by its National Agency.
  • In June 2014 a final seminar will be held in Barcelona. In it, the organisations will present their different national models, as well as the final edition of a Book on the situation of Deafblindness in Europe.


Other meetings:

  • Trilateral meeting joining three partners (Sense UK, ÖHTB and Kentalis) in London in July 2013 to prepare the presentation of the project in the DbI European Conference of August 2013.